Cis Scheme CIS

A guide to CIS scheme

CIS scheme is a specific scheme set up by HMRC (HM Relations & Customs) used for tax requirements between contractors and subcontractors. It makes it …

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Construction Accounting CIS

What you should know about Construction Accounting

 If you’re a contractor and you want to know more about construction accounting, you’re at the right place. Our simple guide of tips makes it …

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What Is Cis Tax CIS

What is CIS tax?

Before wondering what CIS Tax is lets explain what CIS Scheme is first. CIS scheme also known as Construction Industry Scheme, is a scheme set …

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Construction Industry Scheme CIS

What do you need to know about Construction Industry Scheme?

Whether you work in the construction field or are here to get informed for fun, we have answers for most of the questions that are …

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Cis Contractor CIS

Being a CIS Contractor, what do you need to know?

You may ask your self; what is it like to be a CIS Contractor? Things are built step by step and this does not only …

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Cis Registration CIS

CIS Registration – All you need to know about it

CIS Registration means Paperwork, guidelines, finances… everywhere. In case you’re having a hard time trying to figure everything out on your own, you’re at the …

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Cis Construction CIS

CIS Construction made easier for you

Dealing with CIS Construction is not easy, you should get a professional help. As much as you might not want to hear it, working in …

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